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TSAF – ep03 – My Roommate’s a Werewolf: A Lifetime Original Movie

TSAF – ep03 – My Roommate’s a Werewolf: A Lifetime Original Movie

We finally get to meet Trevor the Werewolf in person.

werewolf fairy

As in while he’s an actual person and not in beast mode.

werewolf dog cyclops

His mother, Sylvia, also joins us, we play a game called Sleep in a Bucket, and we have now heard things that can never be unheard.

pikachu fairy

In this episode, the four of us discuss:

  • werewolves
  • suffering for fashion
  • pooping glitter
  • pooping rainbows
  • the disease you can get that makes technology fall apart
  • ingrown hairs
  • narco-magicians
  • werewolf demigorgon crossover psychics
  • demigorgy daddies
  • genealogy
  • giant, vibrating cell phones
  • Virginia Wides
  • being sticky
  • Bill Cosby
  • off pudding
  • child corn
  • cock goblins or something
  • Chuck Nasty McWolfsman
  • goat sex

…and for our segment, we play Sleep in a Bucket.

pikachu werewolf

Relevant Instagram Shenanigans:

TSAF – ep01 – Bark Twice for Goat Sex

TSAF – ep01 – Bark Twice for Goat Sex

Yeah, you read that title right.

And the barking for goat sex happens in this episode. Literally.

AND… it was 100% unplanned.

This was the first time Slutterbell and I did a full-length recording and had an actual guest [sort of]. Listen, we didn’t have our segments and guests and stuff all ironed out yet, so it’s a little lacking in that department… but it’s still pretty kick ass, and it sets up the rest of the season.

Among other things, we discuss:

  • Trevor. Again.
  • goat sex (obvi)
  • snow and saltiness
  • Kansas City
  • the Midwest
  • the East Coast
  • Pennsylvania (sorry)
  • Native American history
  • colonial dicks
  • deadly blankets
  • cooking your own head
  • peeing in your own shoe
  • firehoses
  • Halloween
  • fairies in Annie’s Arbor
  • me possibly launching a fragrance based on my own naturally-amazing scent
  • calling my friend Molly, who doesn’t fucking answer
  • calling my friend Amanda, who has the decency to pick up the damn phone
  • asking Amanda the Golden Question
  • being proud of Amanda’s answer
  • tattoos
  • opossums
  • goat sex

The end.

Get the hell outta here.

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