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TSAF – ep00 – Preview: Frankenshorts

TSAF – ep00 – Preview: Frankenshorts

Sup, humans?!

Welcome to our very first episode of our very first podcast. Ever.

I’m Sandy Whorehol...

…aka Sandy: the Misfit Fairy, and that’s my best friend, Slutterbell:

…aka Slutterbell: the Every Fairy. We have a lot of crazy adventures with our friend Marvin Stallone, who you’ll also encounter from time to time:

We’re totes excited you’re here – but first, please note:

This is not cosplay. We are real fairies from Fairyland who came here to figure out wtf is up with you humans. Though we still have much to learn, we’re pretty sure we can teach you a thing or twenty about yourselves along the way.

The Preview Episode of our podcast is a teensy bit different than what you’re going to hear moving forward; our first few tries weren’t perfect, so I stitched chunks of them together and added narration over cheesy background music – like a 1980s/90s TV show. You welco.

Some of the topics we discuss in “Frankenshorts” are:

  • bullying
  • Bluetooth
  • vikings
  • goats
  • what we do and do not want to do with goats
  • fish on your feet
  • a tank full of humans
  • how we got our names
  • why we study humans
  • being a dick
  • Andy Warhol (it’s ‘hole’ as in ‘holes’)
  • dating the President
  • science being real
  • phoning and flying
  • lobster murder
  • Minecraft
  • centaurs (UGH… amirite)
  • sour blood
  • the horrors of mantis sex

We also talk a lot about my roommate, Trevor the Werewolf, so here’s a picture of him, too:

Aaaand I promised you videos of the Trump being rude to and awkward around children, so…

Here he is repeatedly insulting their parents with the same voice he uses to give (backhanded) compliments:

And here he is terrifying a baby he has no idea how to hold:

And finally, in case you missed it above, the TSAF Preview Episode: Frankenshorts is right down there.

Wow. Very story. Much weird. So fairy.

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