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TSAF – ep02 – Hillary Skank and LeVar Burton and the Rainbow and the Butterfly

TSAF – ep02 – Hillary Skank and LeVar Burton and the Rainbow and the Butterfly

I found a fairy who’s been in the human world for 10 years now, and her name is Hillary Skank.

She stopped by “the studio” (my bedroom) to be our very first in-house guest and share her wisdom with us.

That wisdom, as it turns out, is limited entirely to cats and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

And how tf do you pass on an interview with that?

Therefore, in this episode, we did discuss the following subjects, which are listed in a sort-of-halfway-non-particular order:

  • loving cats
  • hating cats
  • cats are dicks
  • no they’re not
  • yes they are
  • and btw yes they are
  • humans worshipping false gods (cats)
  • trans species/species fluidity
  • being eaten by your pets when you die
  • how clean cat/dog mouths actually are
  • cats putting their asses in your face
  • “pungent scent glands”
  • my (Sandy’s) fairy sweat
  • my good-smelling shoulder
  • me becoming a perfume
  • sweat studies and collections
  • Star Trek TNG (also the Enterprise, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine)
  • comparing and assigning each of the characters from Star Trek TNG to specific cat breeds
  • Captain Jean-Luc Picard, Commander William Riker, Data the Robot Android (but not like the phone), Counselor Deanna Troi, Lieutenant Worf, Dr. Beverly Crusher, Wesley Crusher, Geordi LaForge, and Tasha Yar
  • sphynx cats,Siamese cats, Himalayan cats, calico cats, Maine coon cats, Cornish rex cats, orange tabby cats, cat roadkill, and Russian blue cats
  • grey vs blue
  • Shower Thoughts: cats edition
  • thanks be to reddit
  • cats and grammar correction
  • what cats do when you’re gone
  • Dogs vs cats
  • are Catholics actually addicted to cats
  • cat birth control
  • bird/dinosaur hunters
  • vibrating cats
  • Beethoven (both of them)
  • butterfly wing repair
  • Reading Rainbow
  • goat sex

Will Hillary Skank choose goat sex over having a bad reputation? Find out on episode 02 of There’s Something About Fairy. {Read this again in the voice of that one dude who does announcer and/or movie trailer voices [if you weren’t already (Also, why weren’t you??)].}

In the meantime, we’ve added some Star Trek TNG character/cat comparison photos to our website for your viewing pleasure. Engage.

And one more for the road:

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