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Our Podcast Outro Music

Our Podcast Outro Music

For our podcast outro…

I always arrange clips, outtakes, and catchphrases from throughout each episode and set them to the outro music to create a unique composition for each show. You humans seem to enjoy it, so I’ve designated a page to them just for you.

This makes me very happy, because making them is one of my favorite things to do. Anyway… please enjoy:

Episode One – Bark Twice for Goat Sex:

Lost it. Sorry. I’ll find it soon.

Episode Two – Hillary Skank, and Levar Burton, and the Rainbow, and the Butterfly:

Episode Three – My Roommate’s a Werewolf:

pikachu werewolf

Episode Four – WTF Children. WTAF:

Lost it. Sorry. I’ll find it soon.

Episode Five – Interview with a Vampire Bat:

Episode Six – What Pooped That?:

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