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TSAF – 06 – What Pooped in My Yard?

TSAF – 06 – What Pooped in My Yard?

“What pooped in my yard?” is a question you may one day find yourself asking. 


And when that day comes… I… like… really hope you’ll send me pictures.

For episode six, we interviewed Rivka, a lady human and veterinary technician, but we mostly just talked about poop. A lot. Because WHY NOT?

Things eventually got a little crazy when The Riv showed me her stethoscope, and it seems like, well…

lesbian fairies

I think she was flirting with me. And I may have flirted with her the entire night. I can’t be sure tho, because I have no idea how to do that.

But we ended up… ummm, see for yourself:

Either way, I regret nothing.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • poop
  • types of poop
  • shapes of poop
  • poop sizes
  • poop colors
  • scooting
  • scatting
  • magical animals
  • turtles (aka timelords)
  • anal glands
  • dogs
  • cats
  • butt problems
  • fat unicorns
  • rhinos
  • evolution

…and for our segment, we play “What Pooped That?!

Oh! I almost forgot. If you came for the poop pictures, I’ve got you covered.

Due to our discussion regarding poop images, I promised everyone I would add said photos to the site. Therefore, here are the poop photos we describe during our segment (in order of appearance).


If you keep scrolling, you’re going to see poop.


It is very unpleasant poop.


You have been warned.


Ok. Here we go.


💩 What Pooped That?! 💩

#1.) dark and shiny, but smooth, and looks like a braid.

himalayan bear poop

(^ Bear poop.)

#2.) ew, ugh, ick, fur turds

cat hairball pictures

(^ Cat hairball from cat. really big cat.)

#3.) THE WARNING POO – sautéed chicken with raspberry sauce










blood in stool dog poop jelly

(^ Golden retriever poo.)

#4.) powdered donuts

powdered donuts

(^ dog fed raw diet with too much calcium.)

#5.) spaghetti poop

dog poop spaghetti

(^ dog poop with roundworms)

#6.) rice poo

dog poop rice

(^ dog poop with “rice-like tapeworm segments.)

#7.) green pea soup with snakeskin stew

tapeworms diarrhea

(^ lamb diarrhea with tapeworms.)

#8.) cute lil poo cubes

wombats poop cubes

(^ that’s wombat poop. cuz wombats poop cubes. ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ ▪♨▪♨▪♨▪♨ ♥‿♥ )

*This episode also had a shitload of reddit references. You welco.

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