The Every Fairy

Slutterbell: The Every Fairy

A fairy good podcast.

Sandy Whorehol



Who We Are

We’re a crew of clueless fairies trying to navigate through an unfamiliar world full of people who seem just as confused as we are.

Humans are weird… so we podcast about it.

This is a podcast for:

A.) Humans who want to learn more about humans.

2.) Fairies and/or pretend fairies (cosplayers [posers]) who feel as lost as we are in this crazy human world.

D.) All regular and magical creatures who enjoy pop culture, social commentary, witty banter, self-empowerment, building a world of friends instead of enemies, putting forth zero effort to learn new things, or just listening to some fairies talk about random shit. So… that’s basically everyone, basically.

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Special Thanks

  • To Slutterbell, for being such an inspiring fairy and a great friend.
  • To Trevor and Sylvia, for keeping it weird.
  • To our fearless army of podcast beta testers, who gave us a little bit of feedback we kind of listened to.
  • To the public domain and creative commons sites I swiped all our music from, and to the saintly musicians who deserve a damn medal for making copyright-free tracks to share with the masses. Without them, hacks like me couldn’t be nearly as creative. Seriously, if you ever need music, start here:

FreePD          Free Music Archive

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